ISO9001.2015 Certified Company

19 Holloway Drive, Bayswater VIC 3153, Tel : (03) 97624771      

Why US...!

Quality, service and Price competitiveness are well known hallmarks of a good supplier. Our business is also supported by these three pillars. However, it is our credibility, honest relations with all stakeholders and an unending commitment to infrastructure, process control and relationship building that define us in the industry

Industry Knowledge & commitment to improving customer product

   - Our business objective is to process our customers work to the highest quality, thereby assisting them to become market leaders
     in their own industry and let their growth lead to our own

Lead Time

   - Short delivery times, next day processing in case of urgencies

Metallurgical Expertise

    Metallurgical inputs for design, development through to failure analysis are available

Engineering & operations skills

    - Sound engineering skills leading to reliable equipment

    - commitment to new infrastructure to support customer growth

    - fair prices

    - excellent process control and operational systems leading to consistent good quality

    - great communication and service

    - honest open relationship